• Oberflaechenveredelung XBond

Surface finishing.

Complete cavity coating by chemical process!

Inseparable connection of pre-treatment and top coat

Complete dimensional stability due to low coating temperature.

Surface finishing

We raise surface coating and corrosion protection to a new level. Henkel’s Bonderite process enables complete coating of the inside and outside of any shape, as it works on a chemical basis that does not produce a so-called Farraday effect. First of all, each component is blasted, ground and cleaned in several degreasing tanks in a thorough pre-treatment to be optimally prepared for the following finishing process. At a low coating temperature, each part remains absolutely in its shape and shows an inseparable layer of pre-treatment and coating. The fixed process reliably ensures consistent quality for each piece. Top class corrosion protection for many years!

The Bonderite process works on a water basis without the use of solvents or heavy metals. It is therefore already the sustainable process of the future.


Complete cavity coating


Good thermal stability


Bonderite M-PP 930


UV resistance


Even surface


Coating of assemblies


Water-based process

Complete coating of cavities, edges and smallest gaps. The process works on a chemical basis, so there is no “Faraday effect”.

Good thermal stability due to low coating temperature.

In the standard procedure, the classic metal pretreatment and the subsequent painting are combined into one process: Joint penetration of Bonderite M-PP 930 and powder for an inseparable layer.

Very good adhesion during forming and shaping and high UV resistance

Good suitability for bonding due to smooth, even surface, durability and chemical resistance. (Own practice: vehicle construction)

The coating is suitable as a welding primer and can be welded without prior sanding.

Simple and fast coating of assemblies possible, as only reactive metals are coated.

Water-based process without the use of solvents or heavy metals.


refinement basins

up to 8m

length of components


welding primer by DVS