• Wechselpritsche-XB8345

Curtain swap box.


Easy und quick opening of the sidecurtains!

High durability of the opening systems!

Easy side loading due to slim corner stanchions!

Curtain swap box XB8345

The swap body with sliding door tarpaulin XB8345 is a convincing combination of lightness and robustness. Decades of experience in commercial vehicle construction are reflected in this well thought-out in-house development in functional detailed solutions in premium quality “made in Germany”.


Stability and lightness “planned”


High robustness and durability


Cargo securing and interior fittings


The well thought-out roof


Variable rear portal


Variable front wall


Floor assembly as an unshakeable basis


Certified quality

  • Fast opening and closing saves time and enables a high turnover rate
  • Opening mechanism can be operated with one hand
  • Slim corner stanchions ensure easy side loading
  • Reinforced tarpaulin with Code XL certificate
  • Aluminium stakes in the tarpaulin for extra stability and easy opening
  • Aluminium stanchions in the tarpaulin replace insertable slats
    • Saves time
    • Easy to use
    • Minimises risk of accidents
    • Safe from loss and theft
  • Exceptional robustness and durability of the swap body due to full galvanisation.
  • The sustainable corrosion protection ensures low maintenance and repair costs as well as a high resale value.
  • Lashing brackets in outer frame as standard
  • Other flexible load securing systems available as an option
  • Pallet stop bars as standard
  • Smooth, consumption-optimised roof in stable steel construction with optional lighting segments for daylight incidence
  • Water drainage slopes to prevent dangerous ice sheet formation in the winter months
  • Steel door with internal locking bars
  • Container door with external locking bars
  • Roller shutter
  • Easy handling of the door locks
  • High clearance height in the rear area due to the extremely stable construction of the upper rear crossmember
  • Easy to repair
  • Smooth, easy to clean surface
  • Optionally retracted in the upper section for smooth travel through dips with articulated vehicles
  • Exceptionally durable floor assembly with extremely robust corrosion protection due to the 100% use of individually galvanised parts and components
  • Low construction for XXL cases with maximum internal height
  • Closed tunnel with chamfers at the front and rear for easy manoeuvring
  • Optional height-adjustable support legs

Our products are all fully tested and certified in accordance with the prescribed standards or by individual acceptance tests, in particular

  • the structural strength (DIN EN 12642 Code XL)
  • the strength of the lashing eyes to 2t (DIN EN 12640)
  • the floor can be driven over by forklift trucks with a maximum axle load of 5460kg (DIN EN 283)
  • suitability for roof, floor, support legs (DIN EN 283)
100% corrosion

protection through surface refinement

100% lightweight

construction from 2,700kg net weight

100% certificates

Code XL, railway, interior