• Stahltür XBond

Steel door.


Fully galvanised steel for high robustness!

2-shell construction combines stability und lightness!

Highly repair-friendly due to pinned locking bars!

Steel door XB2412

The key element for simple, fast handling and solid cargo securing. The stable steel construction of the XB2412 guarantees fully galvanised robustness and user-friendliness for many years. It offers the advantages of a steel door in terms of stability and fatigue strength, but at the same time its construction makes it almost as light as an aluminium door. It is also the result of XBond’s own product and manufacturing technology based on an innovative modular system in premium quality “made in Germany”.


Stability, durability and lightness combined


Easy to repair just in case


Functional design included


Customised solutions

The combination of indestructible steel and double-shell door in a stable frame construction stands for extreme resistance and at the same time astonishing lightness. The 2-shell construction also ensures smooth surfaces inside and out, so that nothing can get caught and any knocks are cushioned. The full galvanisation of all components guarantees lasting corrosion protection

The internal locking bars are optionally either welded or pinned. The pinned version offers increased ease of repair, since in the event of damage it is not necessary to replace the entire door leaf, as individual components can be replaced.

According to the sophisticated XBond production technology, the steel door consists of only one cassette at a time and has no joint. It is therefore very easy to clean and with its smooth surface it offers the optimal basis for lettering.  All RAL colours as well as individual colour requests and lettering are possible by arrangement.

The positions of the locking bars and the door hinges can be adapted to the customer’s specific requirements on technical request. If necessary, a new test for the XL certificate may then be required.

100% corrosion

protection through surface refinement

less than 100Kg

total weight (depending on size)

100% certificate

Code XL